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Relaxed Events

Relaxed Events

Open to everyone, ‘relaxed’ events provide an accessible, supportive and relaxed environment, especially suited to those with Autism, sensory and communication disorders, a range of learning disabilities, and anyone else who might benefit from a more relaxed environment.

We can also arrange a familiarisation visit to the Theatre prior to the event and have Visual Stories available which we can send out by email. If you have any questions about our relaxed events, or would like to book, please call 01603 629921, or email ianwoods@puppettheatre.co.uk 



During relaxed performances the lights in the auditorium will remain on and there will be no sudden light changes or loud sound effects. Audience members will be free to make noise and to move around. We will have a space outside the auditorium with water and things to play with for anyone who needs it.



Relaxed workshops have a smaller group size than our standard family workshops and there will be a simpler make (although this can always be adapted for, say, siblings to make something more complex if they would like to). These workshops are for families to come and be creative together, with openness and flexibility around your needs. Noise and disruption is expected and accepted! Let us know if you are bringing mobility buggies or whether there is anthing else you think we should be aware of prior to the event. We will also have a 'break-out' space available outside the workshop space.

You can book tickets online for this event via the UEA ticket office*, or by phone through our box office.

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*Please note that an additional booking fee will be added to the ticket price