Ages 4+

Beastly Belle

The Show

Be charmed and surprised by a new twist on an old tale. Inspired by the iconic era of 1920s and 30s cinema, this is Beastly Belle.

Our young heroine Belle is plucked from a life of poverty by Merrill, a greedy film producer. Merrill sweeps her off her feet and into fame and fortune in the movies. Caught up in the glitz and glamour Belle forgets her roots and is ensnared by a world obsessed with good looks – but looks aren’t everything, right?

A journey of discovery which explores perceptions of physical beauty and how two strangers can overcome their differences. Will Beauty come to understand and accept the Beast?

Featuring a skilful mix of puppetry, film projections, and an original musical score.

To book Beastly Belle for your venue, contact the touring team on 01603 615564  or send us an email. Please be aware that the touring team work part time, so email is the best first point of contact.

"An enchanting tale that’s full of magic moments" - Eastern Daily Press

Creative Team

Show devised by the company

Written by Tilly Lunken

Directed by Joy Haynes

Set designed by Amelia Pimlott, based on the original design by Gavin Glover

Music composed by Hannah Marshall

Performed by Gemma Khawaja & Paul Preston Mills

Lighting design by Jaz Crampton

Films created by Jaz Crampton and Mark Mander

Photography by Andi Sapey

Illustrations by Mike Jefferies

Puppets made by Gavin Glover, Jan Zalud, Gretchen Maynard-Hahn and Mark Mander


Show Supported by

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