Story-Reading for Grown-Ups featuring Classic Fairy Tales

With NAOMI from INANNA’S MAGICAL GIFTS SHOP on St Andrew’s Hill, Norwich

Fairy tales call to our deepest inner imaginative thoughts … both happy and fearful!

Magic and mystery ,,, strange happenings from ordinary familiar situations … being lost in a forest … making the wrong choice … parents acting in unexpected ways and not all of them nice … kings and queens gaining or losing control of their kingdoms … lovers parted and then reuniting … adverse situations being helped by birds, animals, fish — even the wind, the snow and the ocean waves can be your ally or your enemy. Magical creatures from fairies to fish can grant wishes, or take away something precious in your life if you transgress their rules or try to steal from them …

Over the centuries many writers have created or formalised folk tales and fairy stories from many lands …

Join Naomi and her seemingly endless collection of books for another cosy friendly and relaxed evening of STORY-READING FOR GROWN-UPS …


Further Information for Story-Reading featuring Classic Fairy Tales

Come and join us for a relaxed (ish!) and friendly evening in the Norwich Puppet Theatre Studio

All funds raised go to the Norwich Puppet Theatre charity (reg. charity 271041)

The Puppet Theatre’s own bar will be open, offering hot and cold drinks and snacks

This event is not suitable for children. 


Additional Access

All performances have unreserved seating.




Tickets may also be purchased (cash only) in person from Inanna’s at 2 St Andrew’s Hill NR2 1AD (Facebook/Instagram: Inanna’s Magical Gifts)


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  • 7.30pm