Spooky Stories and Tales of Terror


With NAOMI from INANNA’S MAGICAL GIFTS SHOP on St Andrew’s Hill, Norwich

The nights continue to lengthen as we move towards the end of the Autumn and the beginning of the Yuletide Season … and the tradition for centuries has been to gather together in cosy groups of families and friends, and to share not only stories generally, but in particular spooky stories, stories of ghosts and phantoms, the unsettling, the strange … and the downright terrifying! …While the light and heat of a fire or hot drinks may warm you … these stories of the macabre, the unexplained, the mysterious, the horrid and the disturbing will chill your blood and reduce you to a jelly! What fun! The presence you cannot account for, the rapidly dawning idea that there is someone … or something ? … ‘out there’… that is coming for you … in here …

Tonight we’ll have a selection of stories – once again from Naomi’s seemingly unending personal library collections – to entertain and to amuse … if you dare!


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Come and join us for a relaxed (ish!) and friendly evening in the Norwich Puppet Theatre Studio

All funds raised go to the Norwich Puppet Theatre charity (reg. charity 271041)

The Puppet Theatre’s own café will be open, offering hot and cold drinks, and snacks


Additional Access

All performances have unreserved seating. Please note that there is a flight of stairs to get into the auditorium. If you require the front accessible row or step-free access, please book our Accessible Seats, or phone the Theatre to book on 01603 629921.




Tickets may also be purchased (cash only) in person from Inanna’s at 2 St Andrew’s Hill NR2 1AD (Facebook/Instagram: Inanna’s Magical Gifts)


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  • 7.30pm
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  • 7.30pm