Creatives Performance Protest
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Creatives Performance Protest

Presented by: Norwich Puppet Theatre

Sat 11th Jul 2020

Price: FREE

Running time: 45 minutes

Ages: 0+

OpeDay. Situated inside the
converted medieval church of
St. James, the Theatre is one of only
three building-based puppet theatres
in the country. Come and see the
building, our puppet collection and
have a go at making your own puppet
at a drop-in family workshop.

This event has been postponed following the announcement of Arts Council England project funds reopening and the Governments rescue fund for the arts, museums, galleries and heritage sector.

How, and to whom, this latter fund will be distributed is of ongoing concern and there is still not a timetable of when theatres can start to plan to open their doors within Covid-19 regulations.

In the meantime the lifeblood of the arts, the freelance workers - be they actors, make-up artists, scenery builders, lighting technicians etc. - are still suffering financial hardship and uncertainty of future employment.


CAMPAIGN POINTS - with notes as to where they are in the current timeline

1. A ‘furlough’ style payments system while arts industry workers cannot work, a monthly living costs payment. Many of us are freelance and have had NO financial support)‬ - STILL TO BE DELIVERED!!

‪2. A financial package to support venues. Gov help to freeze current outgoings such as loans/insurances etc.‬ - OFFERED BUT TRUE FAIR DELIVERY NEEDS MONITORING

‪3. Timelines with dates. (Productions cannot be prepared without a dated guideline to reopen) ‬- STILL TO BE DELIVERED (HOWEVER THE PILOT INDOOR PERFORMANCE IS POSITIVE)

‪4. Live performances to be allowed, with guidance adhered too....adaptations can be made to allow performances. ‬- DELIVERED, TO A POINT)


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