Cinema in Silhouette - manipulate 2020
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Cinema in Silhouette - manipulate 2020

Presented by: Drew Colby

Thu 6th Feb 2020 to Fri 7th Feb 2020

Price: £9.00 - £11.00

Concession price applies to under 18s and students only

Running time: 45 minutes

Ages: 16+

Drew Colby, the UK’s only full-time shadowgrapher, explores the world of hand shadows via his own personal journey with the artform.

Based on the idea that hand shadows may be the oldest form of puppetry, Colby leads the audience on a hilarious and highly skilled journey from the age of cave dwellers to the present day, via the magic of the silver screen, TV cartoons and (in)famous politicians. Many of the classic, traditional hand shadow routines are included in the show, as well as exciting shadow techniques (multiple shadows and coloured shadows).

The show contains elements of stand-up comedy, gentle political satire and a long list of shadows that can be made with two hands. No shadow stone has been left unturned.

Cinema in Silhouette has been performed at international festivals including InCanti Torino and Cagliari (in Italy), and in the UK (notably at Shambala). Cinema in Silhouette won the inaugural Phoenix Arts Club Cabaret Award in 2018 on London’s West End.


“Shadow puppetry at its best.” - Chelsey Stuyt, Bristol Theatre Review


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Recommended for ages 16+ - adult themes and humour

Concession tickets apply to under 18s and students only


  • Adult: £11
  • Concession: £9

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