Emotional Space
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Emotional Space

Presented by: Luca Rogna

Sat 14th Apr 2018

Price: £130.00

Running time: Sat 14 - Sun 15 April, 10am-5pm

Ages: 18+

The workshop proposes an exploration of the choreographic, geometric and rhythmic possibilities that exist between the actor’s and the puppet’s body movement.

The puppeteer-actor uses the body as a theatrical play-board on which to animate puppets, creating emotional and imaginative landscapes through physicality. The puppeteer’s corporeal work fuses with the puppet’s movements, opening new dialogues.

The figures created using puppetry and shadow are a potent medium for connecting with others and articulating relationships. Being a human double, the figure is loaded with emotional investments, which allow the person to reflect and communicate their own intimacy.

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  • Adult: £130.00

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Saturday 14th April 2018 @ 10:00am Book Tickets

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