Adults Shadow Play
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Adults Shadow Play

Presented by: Norwich Puppet Theatre

Fri 8th Nov 2019

Price: £110.00

Running time: Friday: 2pm - 9pm, Saturday: 10am - 5.30pm

Ages: 18+

Step into a darkened space, turn on a light and discover the joy of playing with shadows. 


Spend two days exploring a variety of lights and materials to find out what shadows can do and how we can manipulate them in this most ancient form of visual storytelling.


By making and playing we turn the familiar into the fantastical, capture illusory images and and find magic in ephemeral pictures which must be created anew each time. 


Learn about shadow performances from small scale puppet shows to large free-flowing shadow play.


Zannie Fraser makes inspiring and visually stimulating shadow theatre productions for family audiences which have toured nationally and internationally. She began her theatre career studying performance with Philippe Gaulier and movement for performance with Monika Pagneux in Paris and has also studied with John Wright, Christopher Leith, Stephen Mottram and Fabrizio Montecchi.


She has been making, performing, directing and teaching shadow theatre for the past 20 years working with companies such as Banyan Theatre, Play of Light Theatre and  Indefinite Articles. Zannie also teaches puppetry and performance in schools, universities and adult education colleges.


Further information 

Participants must be 18+

No previous experience required 

This is a two-day workshop, please note the timings for the two days: Friday: 2pm - 9pm (with a break for dinner), Saturday: 10am - 5.30pm (with a break for lunch)


  • Adult: £110

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