The Tinderbox

For ages 4 and up- ideal for KS1 and KS2 children

On tour from 1st October 2016 - 30th April 2017


A roguish soldier acquires a magic tinderbox which gives him the power to summon three extraordinary dogs to do his bidding. 

Watch the soldier’s remarkable roller coaster adventure from rags to riches and back again! Will he survive and win the love of the beautiful princess?

Norwich Puppet Theatre breathes new life into Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale of magic, bravery and love with puppetry, animation and music.

Directed and designed by Joy Haynes

Animation by Alison Harvey and Suzie Hanna

Music composed by Phil Archer

Performed by Gemma Khawaja and Paul Preston-Mills


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"An enchanting tale that’s full of magic moments"  

Eastern Daily Press

"What a wonderful performance. Our children loved the whole experience, whether they were 4 or 11, truly something for everyone".

"We were all spellbound & couldn't believe how quickly the puppets went from being a puppet held by a person - to being a character. The puppets were brought to life & this will help our role play and storytelling in the future"

Glebeland Community Primary School, Beccles


"Magical, Clever, Inspiring"!

West Earlham Infant & Nursery School, Norwich



Behind the scenes of The Tinderbox & teacher resources

The Tinderbox debuted at Norwich Puppet Theatre in 2012 and was built over a seven month period which included design preparation, development, set/puppet building and rehearsals. Creation of The Tinderbox show saw NPT employ an additional 13 people to support various stages of development to ensure the performance was ready for its December 2012 debut.

The production team included the director, performers, set designers and builders, puppet makers, animators, musicians, lighting and sound technicians. We also had a team of students and volunteers supporting us to create the show.

A lot of work goes into all of our shows and whenever we are making a new production, it is a very busy and exciting time at the theatre.

Plese click the links below to read the original Hans Christian Andersen story and view 'Behind The Scenes' galleries of inital storyboards created for the show and some of the early puppet making and set-design.

 Read The Tinderbox Story

 Hans Christian Andersen based his tale on a Danish

 version of the Aladdin story!



         Summary Of The Story

          A great class activity to help summarise the tale



      Behind The Scenes Gallery

      Peep behind the scenes at early puppet designs


      Q + A with Tinderbox director Joy Haynes

       A great insight into staging a traditional story





    Tinderbox discussion sheet

   Have a class discussion about the show



Puppets Preview Gallery

Look at the finished puppets!




   Storyboard Gallery

   See the original storyboard created to develop the show







    Listen to sounds from the show!

   Follow the link to listen to sound snippets.

   What movement and drama work do they inspire?






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