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Voice of the Child Project

Voice of the Child activity days are offered to all the children and families being supported by the city assessment, family intervention, looked after children and early help teams. This covers a wide range of different children and families who are facing a variety of different forms of adversity. The families we will work with are often experiencing a range of difficulties including low income, poor living conditions, overcrowding, family breakdown, domestic abuse, parents with substance misuse issues and families with additional needs such as disabilities or health conditions. 

The children and families we will work with are unlikely to access activities the Puppet Theatre offers due to their financial deprivation, lack of confidence in accessing community activities and the worry that they might not fit in within the activity being provided. As a result it often means that the children do not have opportunities within the school holidays to spend time outside the family home.

The Project will primarily be in the key times of school holidays – starting in February 2017 - and in the beginning the activity days will involve workshops that explore making different types of puppet and then move on to performance skills. Each kind of puppet made will be inspired by those used in the Puppet Theatre’s own productions and the workshops will be supported by bringing some of those performances to the centre where the group will be able to see these in action. Inspired by their making and the performances we plan during the summer holiday a series of days that will lead on to the group creating their own mini-shows using the puppets and skills they have gained. Starting with activities at the familiar centre the project will include opportunities for visits to the Puppet Theatre as a group, and then hopefully individuals will then have gained confidence and knowledge to attend other events at the Theatre or be inspired to try different activities in the future.

The scope and direction of the Project will be informed by the group as the year progresses, but with the knowledge that funds have been secured to cover the work through the whole of 2017 will enable it to develop and provide a legacy far beyond this initial year.

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